Upcoming Events

  • A big thank you to Joseph’s Goal supporter, John Cumberbatch, who followed his Wigan 10K run with a fine 57 minute effort in the Southport 10K, despite having to combat two kilometres of six inch deep mud.

  • Tom, Jack and Andy enjoyed a well-deserved pint after all three achieved PBs in the Preston 10K to boost Joseph’s Goal funds by over £500. Many thanks.

  • 25TH Sept 2013

    At the re-launch of the Wigan branch of Lloyds Bank, staff and members of Joseph’s family combined to raise money for Joseph’s Goal.

  • In wet and windy conditions, runners came from far afield to represent Joseph’s Goal in the Great North Run in Newcastle. Many thanks to Ronan Breslin, (Northern Ireland), Chris Fairclough, (Cambridgeshire) and Five Live’s George Riley, (Salford).

  • A big thank you to St Andrews C of E School, Springfield, who have once again supported Joseph’s Goal with a non-uniform day to raise cash for Lucy Cachia-Boyce in the Wigan 10K.

  • At the Wigan 10K, nearly a hundred runners, including Joseph, Emma and Paul, raised thousands for Joseph’s Goal. Heartfelt thanks to all our runners, everyone who sponsored them, and the Wigan public who gave them such a warm reception along the route. A special thanks to Emmerson and Lucy Boyce for their unwavering inspirational support.

  • Well done to Aaron Swarbrick, who came 3rd in the Wigan Under 8′s 1K, running for Joseph’s Goal, after watching Mark Gore training to run for Team Joseph in the Wigan 10K.

  • Also at Olly’s birthday fundraiser, a cheque for £100 was presented to Joseph on behalf of Sunderland Home Care Centre. Much appreciated.

  • To celebrate Olly Emery’s first birthday, mother Melissa organised a fun day at the Knights Grande Pub in Winsford, Cheshire, to both raise awareness of NKH and raise funds for Joseph’s Goal. There were lots of attractions and lots of people attending. Many thanks for the £1,150 that was collected.

  • Joseph led out both teams at the final of the Wigan Friendship Cup on a rainy night at Ashton Town Football Club. At half-time, he was presented with two cheques – £250 from the Friendship Club and £125 from Winstanley Warriors FC. A big thank you to all who made this happen.